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Our brand story started last year (2017) when we went back home to Perú with friends from all over the world (literally more than 10 nationalities). We realized that at some point they all wanted to shop for a local textile product, whether it was a knitted handbag, an alpaca blanket, or a vicuña wool scarf. And, of course, we also love to visit the souks (or souqs), bazaars, street markets, thrift stores, or small local stores every time we travel. Too bad most of us can’t travel all the time, so that’s why we thought we would curate our best finds and bring them online. Everything we sell is made respecting the mastery of heritage textiles combined with unique, contemporary, and fun designs.

I love shopping locally every time I travel because I can bring home different products I know no one else will have. But it’s also about the buying process, which to me is like walking into an art gallery. Every culture shares similar techniques and materials, but every artisan still has its own fingerprint.
— Our Founder

Browsing for affordable and unique gems at local markets can be a truly addicting experience. Every piece they sell is unique, usually handcrafted, and special to the seller or artisan. So every stall at a market is like the atelier of an artist. To remind us of that, our logo has the ® at the top because all of our products are designed and produced by the artisans or creators.

One day we'll offer you amazing pieces from all over the world, but for now we're a small team so we have to work on it one collection at the time.

With love and good vibes always,

The Atelier Souk Team