Our visit to the Tanah Abang textile market



Our visit to the Tanah Abang market was quite an experience so if you’re ever in Jakarta make some time to stop by. Everyone will tell you is overwhelming (and it is!) but if you know what you’re looking for you can go directly to one section inside the massive group of buildings.

The Tanah Abang market is the largest textile market in South East Asia and it has over 13,000 stalls inside. You can find all types and qualities of cloths, but if you ask around for “handmade cotton” they’ll send you to the best spots in the market. I found some amazing hand-painted cotton fabrics that I’ll use for decorative blankets and pillows.


We strategically stayed at a hotel nearby (1.3 kms), but turns out that the traffic is insane so it took me over 45 minutes to get there. The taxi gave up along the way and made me walk the last 20 minutes under Jakarta’s hot weather. As soon as we walked into the market (lobby B), we saw a wide array of colorful fabrics, including batiks, and some rugs from Turkey hanging from a pole. We also realized the market has AC so that was a plus after the long walk!


Let us know if you’re planning a shopping trip to Jakarta so we can give you more specific tips (plus, we stayed in touch with some vendors we can recommend). Definitely bring a lot of energy to walk all the floors, lots of cash, and a debit card (in case you need more cash from the ATMs).